Why Sipapa Why, Why Leave Me Like This? – SAD Audio Of Singer, Serena Bata Crying And Pleading To Sipapa After Dumping Her | LISTEN TO AUDIO

May 24, 2020

On May 1st, Music promoter, Charles Olim aka Sipapa unveiled his new girlfriend, Sasha Shamirah and gifted her a brand new Mercedes Benz as birthday present.

His action confirmed the end of his relationship with Singer, Serena Bata who he started dating in 2016.

Inside sources intimated to us that Sipapa had abandoned Serena Bata in the house and shifted to a new base with Shamirah.

Sometimes he would come back home late which hurt Serena Bata but the singer decided to stay thinking things would change.




Sipapa with new bae, Shamirah

Today, an audio of Serena Bata crying and pleading with Sipapa not to leave her leaked.

Serena Bata is overheard crying, pleading and asking Sipapa why abandon her. Bata says she turned down a lot of advances from men and had never cheated on him (Sipapa).

She also revealed that she loved Sipapa not because of his money but had pure love. What hurt Bata more was the fact Sipapa started cheating on her by sleeping away from home.

Sipapa had visited Serena Bata’s parents.

Listen to the audio below: