Brown Shugar Exposes Lover Sipapa, Claims He Is A Burglar, Reveals Why He Wears Headbands – WATCH VIDEO

July 12, 2020

The war of words between socialite, Charles Olim aka Sipapa and his lover Brown Shugar is not about to end!

This all started when Brown Shugar recorded a video crying inconsolably claiming she has nowhere to sleep and revealed all her properties were confiscated because of debts.

Sipapa responded by claiming Brown Shugar is a junkie and tabled hospital documents.

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This angered Brown Shugar who went public and accused Sipapa of being a burglar, murderer and a fraudster.

She threatened to expose Sipapa why he wears headbands, and the bullets wounds he has on his body.

She added that she knows the source of money Sipapa dishes out to people.

Brown Shugar says Sipapa is tarnishing her name and destroying his music career. She wants him to pay the debts so she can recover her confiscated properties.

She warned Sipapa that if he doesn’t stop threatening and tarnishing her name, she is going to expose him and his team.

Watch video below: