Full Figure on what she will do to make sure Kaiyz feels her hatred after death

October 31, 2023


Presidential adviser and now television presenter Full Figure has revealed one thing she is willing to do to make sure Kayz feels her hatred after death.

As Kayz was working on television especially in the gossip show, he had so many celebrity friends and at the same time as enemies.

It is because he used to expose some of them and he also used to cover for some of them that were his friends.

Full Figure wasn’t happy with whatever he did and from their she developed so much hatred for him.

Few months ago, Kayz fleed the country to go look for greener pastures in the United states of America.

Although he left television, Full Figure is still holding grudges against him saying once he dies first, she will make sure he feels her hatred.

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According to Full Figure, she will go to Kaiyz’s burial not to mourn but to laugh it off and make sure that he is really dead.

She said Kayz trolled her to the extent of hating herself and she will never forgive him for that very reason.

“When Kaiyz dies before me, I will make sure he feels my hatred wherever he will be. I will go to his burial not to mourn him but to see if he is really dead and not able to resurrect,” Full Figure said