Doreen Kabareebe blasts NBS’ Hatmah Nalugwa, calls her dirty

November 1, 2023
Doreen kabareebe

Doreen kabareebe

Fashion model Doreen Kabareebe has blasted NBS television news anchor Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaya saying she is dirty.

This happened after she commented about Sheilah Gashumba’s dress code and that of ladies that attended Abryanz’s Kampala Style Brunch.

Sheilah Gashumba and these other ladies were all dressed in black but their inner garments were seen.

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Most of people didn’t comment but Hatmah Nalugwa was very clear in her comment. She blamed the suffering of Ugandans to people who dress poorly.

With her comment, some Sheilah Gashumba’s fans have attacked her. Doreen Kabareebe has said Hajjat Hatmah has no reason to say anything about Sheilah Gashumba

According to Doreen, Hatmah is among the Muslim women that share men and that is the worst thing they should be doing than Sheilah’s dress code.

Hatmah is always saying things saying they have nothing about her and she will always say whatever she can.

“These Hajjats be sharing d**k with other four women knowingly and they also have the audacity to talk about decency. Dear,Hajjat,that’s being dirty,Sheilla is better than you.,” Doreen Kabareebe said.

It should be noted Sheilah Gashumba was recently exposed when someone hacked into her phone and released her private photos.