Full Figure Beats Up Bajjo For Being Deadbeat Dad And Dumping Her For Alicia Bosschic – WATCH VIDEO

June 9, 2020

It was drama yesterday when presidential adviser, Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure confronted and thumped events promoter, Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo for dumping her for Alicia Bosschic.

Full Figure who had gone to meet Balaam at his Radio 4 in Ntinda, bumped into Bajjo who was being hosted by Muyanga Lutaaya on air and immediately confronted him.

She tried pushing the studio door but later managed to enter, meeting Bajjo face to face. She pinned him of fathering a kid with her and abandoned his responsibilities and demanded answers why is he dating bars promoter, Alicia Bosschic?




She was overheard asking why is he dating Alicia Bosschic. “Didn’t you leave me with the kid, why are you date dating the babe on Facebook”, Full Figure banging the door before forcing her way in the studio to face Bajjo face to face.

The war became bloody! Full Figure roughed up Bajjo, slapped him as she accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

Watch the video below:

Full Figure Thumps Bajjo being deadbeat dad and dumping For Alicia Bosschic