Is She Working For Sheebah? Kapa Cat Disses Spice Diana

June 19, 2024

Singer Kapa Kat has started hating on fellow singer Spice Diana saying that she is not as good as she is as an artiste.

The singer never used to take sides when it comes to artistes drama but ever since she worked with Sheebah everything changed. She immediately jumped into her drama with fellow singer Sheebah and she started attacking.

Spice Diana and Sheebah have had their beef for so many years. In the beginning they were silent about it but when they started talking it became worse.

They started accusing each other of being pretenders and bad people but some of the celebrities have said there is no beef between them they are just using it to promote their brands as artistes and do other things.

Spice Diana Reveals Why She Is Better Than Sheebah

According to Kapa Cat, Spice Diana knows the truth, she knows that she is not a great artiste and she can’t stay relevant in the  music industry like she said if she doesn’t release music for two years like she said.

The singer said she is the only musician who can be relevant after two years of silence but people like Spice Diana can’t do anything like that in their lives.

“I don’t know what Spice Diana is saying but she knows the truth she knows she can’t stay relevant after two years without releasing music. I am the only musician who can stay that relevant not any other musician to do so,”