Manager Roger Hits Back At Ungrateful Geosteady

September 21, 2023
Manager Roger

Manager Roger

Source Management CEO, Rogers Lubega aka Manager Roger has hit back at singer, Hassan Kigozi aka Geosteady branding him ungrateful.

Last night, Geosteady took to his Facebook account and labeled Manager Roger Fake.

“Manager Roger man!!!! Oli wambwa nyo”, Geosteady posted.

Geosteady’s post on Facebook

We haven’t established what went wrong between Geosteady and Roger. However, it should be noted that several artists; Gravity Omutujju, Ziza Bafana, Green Daddy among others have been portraying Roger as a bad-hearted person.


After reading ‘Ndi Wamululu’ singer’s post, Roger hit back and said he is tired of ungrateful artists like Geosteady. He also revealed that he transported Spice Diana to Buwaama to support Geosteady only to find Geosteady had snubbed the show.

Enough is enough, I am so tired of ungrateful people more so in this industry. Nkoye akamanyiro kabayimbi. Okusirika sibusiru. Many artistes have always dragged my name in mud because balina platforms atte bayimbi munange bo tebagambwako. Nkoyeee akamanyiro. Abantu nga mumanyidde , mulipide Roger.

Mazima ki kyenfunye mukubererewo abayimbi? What have I been paid ,for being your friend? Absolutely nothing okujako okunjogerera nakamanyiro.

Kati Ono gwetwagendende Buwaama kuyimba for free not even fuel at his own concert and yet again he didn’t appear on his own concert. My artiste performed for his crowd but because he has misunderstandings with the promoter (organizer ) he didn’t appear atte namala nada ku social media mbu roger wambwa . Nkukozeki ssebo? Why not say it too!

Some of you have ever slept at my home for a year or 2 under my roof and care, is that how you reward me?
I have been taken for granted for long, anti munnange nze sirina platform eyogerako.

Abayimbi, mbakooye, nkooye nkooye nkooye. Kyemusiga kyemuja okukungula

Roger posted on Instagram.

It should be noted that Roger manages Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana.