Is Manager Roger really dating Spice Diana? Here is the whole truth

September 22, 2023

There has been rumor making rounds on social media about manager Roger Lubega dating his artiste Spice Diana.

The rumor started years ago but it was proved yesterday with an audio that was released on social media by unknown person.

In the audio, manager Roger was heard expressing his love for Spice Diana and telling her how much he misses her.

Spice Diana was also heard replying to manager Roger saying she misses him too and can’t wait to be with him at that moment.

The truth is that Spice Diana and Manager Roger are truly in love but they have kept their relationship away from the public and social media.

Roger is a married man with children but Spice Diana is not yet married. She has been telling the media that she is in a relationship but she doesn’t want to make it public.

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She said her man is okay without being known because that is what makes him so comfortable.

She has been denying dating her manager although the leaked audio proved something else between her and manager Roger.

It should be noted that Spice Diana has never gone public about any of hee relationships. This is the first relationship known by the public.

Here is the audio;