Eddy Kenzo Sick Again, Begs Government To Allow Him To Return Home

May 21, 2020

Singer Idrisa Musuza commonly known as Eddy Kenzo has requested the government to allow him to fly back to Uganda citing persistent illness.

The Big Talent boss was locked out of the country when President Yoweri Museveni ordered a total lockdown of Uganda’s borders to both local and international passengers in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Kenzo, who had traveled to Ivory Coast for a concert has on a number of occasions narrated his ordeal through social media.

When contacted, Kenzo who could hardly talk confirmed that he is sick and stressed because he does not know when the airport will be open.

He says, he only goes to the rooftop for fresh air and spends the rest of the day stuck in his room.

“My friend, I am sick, I cannot even talk well,” said Kenzo.

His manager has contacted relevant authorities requesting the government to allow him to return home.


Martin Betta, his manager, said Kenzo has been down for one month, and that he is so anxious and worried, which has resulted in depression and ulcers.

“He has been out of the country for two months, so he is not himself, he was caught unaware, and what is stressing him more is that there is no hope that the government will open the airport soon. We thought the current award he received would put a smile on his face but all that does not count,” Betta said.

The award

Two weeks ago, Kenzo was given the YouTube Gold creator award after surpassing one million subscribers.

He became the first Ugandan to win that award, which makes him the most well paid Ugandan musician on YouTube.

Balaam Barugahara, an events promoter took to social media to assure Kenzo that they are working with the concerned officials to ensure that he returns home safe.

Some of his fans say Kenzo is a celebrity who has done a lot for Uganda in the music industry and needs special attention and consideration.

In his recent address, President Museveni noted that about 2,500 Ugandans have expressed interest to return home and said relevant officials will looking into the matter.