Diamond Platnumz Gives Away His Multi-Billion Hotel To Lucky Person

May 22, 2020

Diamond Platnumz is a generous man who not only has so much money to dish out and spoil those he loves; but he has proven to do just anything to make the love of his life happy.

Well if you are not aware, Diamond Platnumz adores only one woman and that is his mother. Rumor has it that Mama Dangote controls all businesses registered under her son’s name and will not be letting any slay queens take advantage of her son’s sweat.

Just recently Diamond Platnumz purchased a 3 star hotel in Dar Es Salaam which was to be renovated before the grand opening. Speaking during an interview the singer mentioned that the hotel can be used for quarantine at the moment since business is slow and inactive.




However, thanks to a post shared by Mama Dangote earlier today, fans believe the hotel will be operating very soon.

This may also mean that the 3 star hotel will not be available for any COVID-19 patients as Diamond Platnumz is planning to have the hotel running in a few weeks.

In the comment section Diamond Platnumz not only revealed that the hotel is back in business; but also revealed that it belongs to his dear mother, Sandra Sanura Kassim.


Diamond Platnumz and his mum, Sandra Sanura Kassim

Well, many women on social media describe this lady as a mean; and selfish mother in law who doesn’t respect boundaries. However, there are those who feel that the singer’s mum has every right to run her son’s businesses!




If Diamond Platnumz exes including Tanasha Donna think mama Dangote is too much; then they better brace themselves because Diamond is all about his mother!

By now ladies thinking of dating Diamond Platnumz already know what to expect; and for the wise ones, I am sure they want to be on Mama D’s good side even if it’s for a short while before he moves on to the next. But chances are, the singer will not be leaving his mum’s side anytime soon!

Check photos of Diamond Platnumz Hotel he has gifted to his mother: