We don’t need money from government, we just need policy – Daxx Kartel to Bobi Wine

June 16, 2023

Singer Daxx Kartel has also took the initiative to respond to Bobi Wine telling him that musicians are not looking for money from government.

He said the only thing Ugandan musicians need is policy that allows them to eat from their work as they are supposed to d

Bobi Wine has been in the music industry for more than 20 years but when he joined politics a lot changed. He was stopped from performing at any stage.

Bobi Wine has been using every opportunity he gets to talk to musicians to stop associating with government as it wants to use them.

His speech at Kato Lubwama’s burial created tension when he attacked the new Federation led by Eddy Kenzo that many artistes are believing in.

Calling artiste beggars didn’t sit well with many musicians and Daxx Kartel is one of them as he called him out in one of his interviews at Galaxy FM.

He said Bobi Wine should know that artistes are not looking for government money. They just want the copyright law to work.

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Daxx Kartel said the problem is that policy makers are just enemies of the music industry and that’s what is setting musicians back.

“My fellow Artists, we don’t need money from the government, we just need a policy but the problem we have is the policy makers we have are not interested, they are our greatest enemies,” Daxx Kartel