Museveni Drops List Of 6 Songs He Jams To, Sting Artists Who Pretend To Sing By Making Noise

November 8, 2022


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has finally revealed a list of 6 songs he listens to while driving his car in his free time.

In his speeches, president Museveni normally takes aim at party animals and one might think that he lives a boring life, actually NO, the old man with a hat jams to music.

In a blog file released on Monday, the fountain of hour expressed his love for indigenous music and reveled his daughter, Natasha tells him that he would sing to them some tunes such as Abagorola-nshoonga, the cattle of the King of Kookyi, Kamushwaaga.


Museveni says that since his bush days, he used to record songs but his drivers and librarians would lose them. Luckily enough of his drivers known as Byaruhanga kept some.

Recently, Natasha and her able aide, Ataho, managed to get from his drivers a total of about 119 tunes spanning the two Centuries – from 1890s to the present. Some of these are:

  1. Maaga: Enanga yo kutonzya
  2. Maaga: Mpoora Nshokoozo
  3. Kambara: Ekiziniro kya Kanyena.
  4. Kanini: Omushana Gwakangire.
  5. Katokye: Bwera ye Bigabiro
  6. Katokye: Masindi na Kijunjubwa etc

Museveni describes his music as excellent before taking aim at musicians who just make noise pretending to sing.


“This is music and not noise. I enjoy it so much. It is the main music in my cars when I am driving, plus some religious tunes and NRM songs.’

“The content is excellent ― dealings with contemporary social or political issues. The language is so rich. I used the songs to get vocabulary to enrich our Katondoozi,” he added.

He further notes that “these songs inform us of the elements of beauty.” Read his full statement below;

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