Caroline Marcah Reveals How MC Kats’ HIV Status Ended Her Relationship

June 10, 2024
MC Kats and Caroline Marcah

MC Kats and Caroline Marcah

Media personality and female mcee Caroline Marcah has revealed how MC Kats’ HIV status ended her relationship with her ex boyfriend.

She said the boyfriend believed more in the public’s opinion and that left their relationship trembling for some reason.

Caroline Marcah has never revealed her relationship to the public. She even has a child but she has never talked about the father of her child. She refers to herself as a single mother.

During Covid19 lockdown, she developed a friendship with MC Kats. It was a time when he told the media that media that he was actually HIV positive but all his exes were negative.

He was facing so much rejection and stigma from Ugandans who said that he was a lady’s man and maybe so many girls got diseases from him without knowing.

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According to Caroline Marcah, all those words got into the ears of her ex boyfriend. He started distancing himself from her and that was the end of the relationship.

“Me and mc Kats are actually friends, we became more close during Covid and that affected my relationship. Saying he is HIV positive left my boyfriend not trusting me and that is how we ended the relationship,”