Ugandans in tears! Capital Chicken reportedly closes with people’s huge investments

October 3, 2023

Capital Chicken has reportedly closed with Ugandans much investments leaving most of them in tears without knowing their whereabouts.

Capital Chicken has been running their business around the city and it ha been convincing Ugandans to invest with them in order to make more money.

They even went beyond to pay influencers and some media houses so that they can advertise for them to convince people to invest with them.

Today morning, Ugandans woke up to the news of the closing and most of them were devastated by these news.

According to social media, Capital Chicken CEO is not receiving any calls and messages from people.

The shops are all closed and no one is giving the information of what happened and the people that invested will be treated.

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The news are not yet confirmed as no one from Capital Chicken is saying anything about the issue.

We will keep you updated with every detail about this story.

It should be noted that this is not the first company to convince Ugandans to invest in them and run away with their money.

Last year it was BLQ which closed and the people that invested in them have never received anything up to now.