Urban TV Closes, Workers Left Jobless

March 28, 2024

One of vision group television Urban Television has closed leaving all it’s workers jobless and hunting for a living.

This was revealed by one of the workers Robin Kisti who recently joined the station to work on one of the evening shows.

Urban television is becoming one of the third media house to close in just a period of two years.

At first it was STV of SK Mbuga that closed and then a radio station and now Urban television which has been into existence for more than 10 years.

In Robin Kisti’s statement, she didn’t reveal the reasons to why the station is actually closing this early.

She just talked about her life saying she is on the journey to new beginnings and people should wait for what she is having for the future.

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It should be noted that Urban television hasn’t released an official statement about the closing of the station.

We shall keep you updated when the official statement is released on social media.