Chosen Becky struggles with son Hrim as his health detoriates

January 26, 2024

Singer Chosen Becky is struggling with her elder son Hrim as he struggles with sickness that gives him hard time to breathe.

The singer shared news of the son on social media asking fellow parents to pray for her because she doesn’t sleep day and night.

Chosen Becky has three children all boys. She gave birth to her first child when she was 17 years and was still in school by then.

When she joined the music industry that is when she got her current boyfriend Dictator Amir and the father of her two other children.

In the beginning Chosen Becky never used to show the faces of her children to the public not until recently when she decided to share their photos and videos.

In the video Chosen Becky shared, her. Sin was on oxygen but he looked jolly and happy with the brother.

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The two boys were dancing but Chosen Becky revealed that she is not okay because she has tried everything to make sure the son is back to normal and health.

“I beg every parent to pray for my son hrim 😭🙏. Tugezezaaamo naye bigaaanye bantu bange . Nsula nkaaba nsula ntunula 😭,” Chosen Becky posted