Canary Mugume’s wife gives ladies tips of how to keep a man in a relationship

November 27, 2023
Canary Mugume with wife, Sasha Ferguson

Canary Mugume with wife, Sasha Ferguson

Socialite Sasha Ferguson a wife to news anchor and reporter Canary Mugume has given ladies tips of how to keep a man in a relationship.

She said couples sometimes need space from each other and also need to change the environment for everything to be in a good line.

Sasha Ferguson and Canary Mugume are highschool sweethearts. They dated for more that five years and later decided to tie a knot last year.

Early this year they welcomed their first born a baby boy and in social media they look to be having the best marriage ever.

According to Sasha Ferguson, it has taken both of her and Canary Mugume so many sacrifices to be where they are at the moment.

Sasha Ferguson narrates how she has managed to sustain her marriage with Canary Mugume

She said people see her and her husband on social media and think they are always happy but behind closed doors they also go through hardships.

According to Sasha Ferguson, ladies need to do certain things to keep their men in marriage and stay on the right track forever.

She said one of the things the couples should do is change the environment for the sake of their marriage. She said most of women stay in closed doors looking at faces of their husband which can make the marriage harder.

Sasha Ferguson also talked about giving each other space and freedom to do whatever the couple wants to do.

“There isn’t anything like a perfect marriage just that couples need to do certain things to keep going. One of the things married people need to do is to change the environment and give each other space. That can keep them going forward to wherever they want to be,” Sasha Ferguson said