Video; Spice Diana showers Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend Zuchu with dollars

November 24, 2023

Spice Diana

Ugandan singer Spice Diana has extended her love for Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend Zuchu after meeting her on the aeroplane.

She showered her with lots of dollars as they recorded themselves on a phone camera.

Spice Diana is a friend to Diamond Platnumz and has been to Tanzania multiple times for projects.

Even when the Tanzanian singer came to Uganda, he and Spice Diana went to the studios to record a song together.

From the trending video, Spice Diana looks to only not be friends with Diamond Platnumz but also his girlfriend Zuchu.

The two were happy to see each other and Spice Diana who was travelling with her manager didn’t hesitate from splashing some money on Zuchu

Initially Zuchu has asked for the money but she later said she was joking about it but at the same time she was happy to receive the money.

Here is the video;

It should be noted that Spice Diana is a giver, she is always donating and giving out money to people that need it the most.

Some people say that she does it for Camera but it looks like that is her Natural heart.