Bruno K’s Ex Baby Mama Dorah Dating A South African Pilot 

April 20, 2024

Singer Bruno Kigundu also known as Bruno K’s ex baby mama Dorah has been exposed for showing off fake pilot claiming to be her boyfriend.

This happened after Bruno K showed off his new girlfriend who is currently pregnant expecting his fifth baby with five baby mamas.

The two are said to have dated because of money as Dorah used to fund Bruno K in everything he was doing even clothes.

When she got pregnant, she was rejected and ignored something that made her expose the singer and reveal their hidden relationship to the public.

After Bruno K showing off the girlfriend, Dorah posted a man saying he is a pilot and he is her current boyfriend as they are expecting an introduction ceremony.

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Fans ran to search about the guy and ended up finding that the guy she is showing off is a married man with children.

He is also from South Africa and definitely might not know anything about Dorah and her fake life.