Bruno K Leaves Show Unhappy As He Is Forced To Sit With Baby Mama, Vanessa | VIDEO

May 21, 2023
Vanessa (L), Bruno K (R)

Vanessa (L), Bruno K (R)

Bruno Kiggundu real name, Bruno K is still fuming after he found himself on the same table with baby mama, Vanessa Kirabo Atuhaire.

As Mesach Semakula celebrated 46 years at Serena Hotel on Friday night, Bruno K did not enjoy the show at all after he found himself trapped on the same table with Vanessa.

On the same table, there was Faridah Nakazibwe, Vanessa, other babes and Bruno K, who was seated at the extreme end.

When Faridah started filming with a phone, Vanessa and other babes were happy but Bruno K looked so sad, almost running off his seat as he he buried his head in his legs.


Vanessa and Bruno were embroiled in verbal war as the former accused the latter of child neglect.

In an exclusive Facebook interview with MC Richie, Vanessa disclosed that after meeting Bruno in 2018, a 2 minutes bonk left her pregnant.

When she informed Bruno about the pregnancy, he went mute and appeared when she was 8-months heavy. He again disappeared and reappeared when Seth was 2 months old.

Shockingly, he told Vanessa that Seth does not resemble him and demanded a DNA test, which he never did. When she went public again, Bruno’s sister asked Vanessa to take Seth for DNA test.

Faridah Nakazibwe with Bruno K

Fortunately the DNA test results came back positive confirming Bruno K was 99.9% Holyseth Kiggundu’s dad. Vanessa jubilated as Bruno drowned in shame.

However, he defended himself that he wasn’t given a chance to explain himself.

After the MC Richie’s interview, Vanessa publicly apologised to Bruno K after meeting the late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow, Kluthum Nabunya and YouTuber, Hadija Kigozi.

Since then, she was advised to stay away from media interviews. It’s been a while since she appeared publicly and on Friday night, she appeared on the same table with Faridah Nakazibwe and Bruno as Mesach Semakula thrilled his fans.

As it looks, it seems Faridah booked the table.

Watch the video below:

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