MC Kats Offers To Help Ex-bae Faith Ntaborwa Who Is Critically Ill

May 21, 2023
Faith Ntaborwa with MC Kats

Faith Ntaborwa with MC Kats

NBS TV ‘After 5’ co-host and celebrated city emcee, Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats has suffered to help his former lover, Faith Ntaborwa, who is battling with strange illness.

Faith became an internet sensation in March 2020 after she filmed MC Kats tired in bed after a long night of heavy meal.

Kats came out and denied having viewed Faith’s eclipse and this angered her. It is said that MC Kats met Faith during the time he worked as an emcee at FAME.

Ntaborwa Faith

During that time Kats had parted ways with baby mama, Fille Mutoni.

After exposing MC Kats, Faith disappeared only to be back in the news being accused of stealing the phone in March 2021. Ntaborwa was arrested and spent a night at Kazinga Police station in Byeyogerere.

MC Kats

According to Bridget Ndayiramya who was in the salon, Ntaborwa came and requested to charge her phone. She was told to charge where other two phones were charging.

Ntaborwa started distracting clients who were in the salon by asking for combs as she moved places. Later on she snatched the phone and left the salon.

When she was arrested, Faith accused Kats of flaming her. By that time she was an addict and her dad took her to rehab to help her off alcohol and drugs.

Following years of no see, Faith came back in the news this time in dire state. She looks so sick.

Faith Ntaborwa’s current state

Netizens as usual pointed fingers at her former lover MC Kats. However, the legendary emcee told netizens to calm down saying this is not time for blame game and offered to help Faith.

A lot of questions ran thru my head for years When i Tested HIV Positive Who When Why All this could not reverse or Change anything Anybody in contact with Faith plse Dm me Pointing figures never Heals or Solves anything

MC kats

It should be noted that MC Kats went public in November 2019 and declared he was HIV positive. Since then he is doing a voluntary to help people living with HIV AIDS.

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