Brown Shugar Kicked Out Of House, Taata Sam Runs Back To Wife

April 30, 2022
Brown Shugar with Sipapa

Brown Shugar with Sipapa

Sipapa’s ex-bae, Brown Shugar is having a rough time after she was kicked out of a rental over failure to pay rent.

In July 2020, Brown Shugar was dumped by Sipapa and left her in a rental with no help. She struggled and started living with friends.

It was during that time she landed comedian, Taata Sam and ballooned her. As a responsible father, Taata Sam rented her a house and started juggling her with his wife.

Taata Sam with Brown Shugar

When Covid-19 lockdown struck, financial difficulties kicked in which forced Taata Sam to throw in a towel, leaving Brown Shugar on her own.

Now she is back to staying with friends after the landlord kicked her out over three months arrears.

According to our sources, Brown Shuga is said to have been thrown out of a rental after defaulting on rent for three months.

Currently, she spends cold nights at the homes of various friends, feigning casual visits as she figures out her next step.

She is said to have taken her child to her mother’s place after finding it hard to move between places with her as Taata Sam is also staying with his wife.