Sipapa Officially Dumps Serena Bata And Brown Shugar, Visits Shamirah’s Parents

July 10, 2020

On May 1st, city socialite and NRM diehard, Charles Olim aka Sipapa unveiled a new bae, Sasha Shamirah by gifting her a brand new Mercedes Benz on her birthday.

Sipapa known juggling two artistes, Serena Bata and Brown Shugar decided to dump them and move in with fresh bae, Sasha.

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Sipapa abandoned Serena Bata in the house until she realized that she was no longer wanted.

Brown Shugar who was staying in Namugongo where Sipapa had set up a studio, found herself homeless after the landlord evicted her over rent arrears.

Yesterday, Brown Shugar recorded a video crying inconsolably revealing that she has nowhere to sleep and called on Sipapa to rescue her.

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On top of bonking, Sipapa was funding their music careers but seems he is done with artistes and has decided to settle with Sasha.

Inside sources intimated to us that Sipapa went and visited Sasha’s parents in a scientific ceremony and now stays together as husband and wife.

Check pictures of Sasha Shamirah below: