Bruno K asks for forgiveness on behalf of Isma Olaxess to all those he wronged

May 8, 2023

Singer and one of Isma Olaxess’ close friends Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu has asked forgiveness on behalf of Jajja Ichuli.

This came after he died abruptly from a gun shot and didn’t get the opportunity to apologize to people he wronged before his death.

Isma Olaxess was one of the talkative people in the entertainment industry. Being a blogger gave him a chance to reveal his real characters like over speaking.

But the disadvantage part of it is that through his speaking, he offended so many people and at the same time he made people happy.

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After the news started making rounds on social media that Isma Olaxess was shot dead, so many people didn’t believe it.

Not until his photos and videos were shared on social media for people to believe and those that could even got to the scene.

It is not clear wether the people that killed Isma Olaxess are those he offended through his blogging or if it is another cause.

But as a close friend, Bruno K said Isma Olaxess is already dead and he needs to rest in peace. Those that were offended by him should find a place in their hearts to forgive him.

He said the late Isma Olaxess was a very good person and professional. He doesn’t know if he will heal from his demise as a friend and someone he used to hang out with.

“The late Ismah Olaxes has not only been my friend but a brother. Despite the negativity on social media, he was a very good person to those close to him. He tried to be professional and he has been a significant blogger who influenced the media. I ask that those he wronged forgive him and let go of any pain or anger he could have caused them,”–Bruno K, Singer.