Big Eye Starboss blasts Eddy Kenzo again

August 24, 2023

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja famously known as Big Eye Starboss is not about to leave fellow musician Eddy Kenzo at peace.

He said he can’t battle with him musically after all he would murder him and it would be a problem to the music industry.

Big Eye has been beefing Eddy Kenzo for some months now. It began when he refused to give Big Eye some international connection.

The singer became so angry in that he ended their long time friendship and it got broken in just a few minutes.

According to Big Eye Starboss, Eddy Kenzo is not even that much talented he only uses money to buy accolades and go international.

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When people connect him he doesn’t find it important to connect other people because he wants everything for himself.

He said in the battles going on he can’t even take part in any of them. He knows his worth and he knows he can musically murder Eddy Kenzo.

Big Eye said Eddy Kenzo’s fans think he is the best, and he doesn’t want to embarrass him and take away his fake fame just like that.

“If I do a music battle with Eddy Kenzo I can musically murder him something I don’t like. He knows he is not talented that’s why he buys awards in different countries. I know I am better than him and talent is talent,” Big Eye Starboss said