Alien Skin disappointed in MC Kats over Champion Gudo’s scholarship

August 24, 2023

MC Kats

Trending singer Alien Skin is disappointed in NBS television presenter MC Kats’ words over Champion Gudo’s scholarship at Kampala parents.

Champion Gudo was given a chance to study from one of the most expensive schools here in Uganda.

From the ghetto to fame, but his guardian Alien Skin is actually not on board with the scholarship. Although he said he had welcomed it.

Everything was changed in a minute in that now he is not interested in taking Champion Gudo at Kampala parents.

According to MC Kats, he can’t accept Alien Skin to step on the chances of a nine year old child like Champion Gudo.

He said he is going to go at Fangon forest and pick him up unless Alien Skin has full documents that show he adopted Champion Gudo.

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Now Alien Skin has also had an interview saying he can’t believe MC Kats is making such statement as if he cares too much.

He said Champion Gudo is studying and he is happy where he is. No president has eves studied at Kampala parents and he doesn’t see it as an opportunity for Champion Gudo.

“I am so much disappointed in what MC Kats is talking about Champion Gudo’s scholarship. I only saw that in the media and they haven’t reached out to us. The truth is that Champion Gudo is very okay and he studies in a good school,” Alien Skin said

It should be noted that Kampala parents also sponsored talented Fresh Kid. He now speaks good English like someone that was born in a welk off family