Bebe Cool Vows To Crush Bobi Wine | VIDEO

Bebe Cool and Bobi WIne

Bebe Cool has vowed to crush Bobi Wine if the NUP presidential candidate is going to have a negative impact on Uganda.

While speaking to Kagwa Njala on NBS Morning Breeze, Bebe Cool said he made Bobi Wine and knows him inside out but warned him not to mess around with Uganda.

“Bobi Wine is the boy I made. I am going to crush him if he has a negative impact on my country”, Bebe told Kagwa Njala.

Bobi Wine, a presidential candidate now traversing the country for votes, has been vocal, branding president Museveni a dictator and incompetent following 35 years in power.

To Bebe Cool who subscribes to NRM, believes Museveni is the only candidate that can keep Ugandans in peace and looks at Bobi Wine a joker.

Last week Bebe Cool told NBS ‘UnCut’ that Bobi Wine is copying notes from his book and disclosed that he mobilising his boys to take him on.

He said Bobi Wine does not have competition with president Museveni, branding him a dreamer.

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