Bebe Cool Responds To Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga For Labeling Him An Idiot

March 6, 2020

Fearless Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga in an interview said he doesn’t know Bebe Cool and questioned who he is.

He also went ahead and labeled him an idiot saying he was brought up badly after running away from home to settle in ghettos.

The Gagamel CEO and NRM mobiliser responded to the no nonsense general saying he has much respect for him and claims he was mislead by the blogger looking for attention.

Read Bebe Cool’s response to Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga below:

Sir,retired major general Kasirye Gwanga, you have my full respect and you will always have it despite the fact that you disrespect me a person you have never met or interacted with.

But during my upbringing, i was always taught to always respect my elders and most especially gentlemen like you who went to the bush to fight for peace,happiness, freedom of speech and expression among others.
Though the baganda say,Nomuto akuba drums omukulu NAZINA,and i wish to advise you abit.

Next time watch out with these young ignorant lads who pose as media personalities directing questions to put you on spot answering for trending blogs,most especially when you are under the “influence” of happiness and peace brought about by your self and president M7 in this peaceful UGANDA today.You still have my respect sir.