Nyege Nyege Festival Is Back, 2020 Edition Dates Announced

March 6, 2020

One of the most attended and fun events in Uganda, Nyege Nyege Festival is back!

The Nyege Nyege music festival 2020 edition will take place at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja from September 3-6th.

Nyege Nyege is a Luganda word meaning ‘the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance’.

The past editions were successful and expanded Uganda’s tourism base with over 200 international bookings. Many foreigners jet in to mix and enjoy the festival which is so different from the events that are normally hosted in Uganda.

DJ entertaining revelers at the 2019 Festival

Nyege Nyege boosts the financial base especially in Jinja with hotels booked to capacity over the three-day fun.

The festival won the Ekhula Tourism Award of the Year, and is set to welcome thousands of foreign guests for the festival, creating income for many Ugandans in the process.

Nyege Nyege is widely known for bringing unique blends of music and arts, from all corners of the continent and beyond, together. Today, the festival is widely considered one of the most important musical gatherings of the 21st century.

Revelers having fun at Nyege Nyege

The official program will be announced over the next months. With an emphasis on Africa and its connections to Latin America, the festival will invite artists from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia whose music directly connects with Africa.

But the biggest challenge is the Coronavirus which is threatening the world at large.