Diamond Platnumz’s Family Hold Party To Celebrate Tanasha Donna’s Exit – SEE PICS

March 6, 2020

The source disclosed that on Monday, the 2nd of March, the Dangote’s held a party to “celebrate Tanasha’s exit from Diamond Platnumz life.”

An event that went down at Sandra Sanura Kassim’s (Diamond Platnumz mum) home in Madale-Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.

It was attended by Dimond Platnumz, his mum Sandra Sanura Kassim, her lover, Uncle Shamte and Diamond’s sister, Ester.

L-R; Diamond’s mum Sandra Sanura Kassim, Her lover, Uncle Shamte and Doamond’s sister, Esma at a party

When reached out to comment on the same, Sandra hung up. However, her young lover, Uncle Shamte affirmed that indeed a party had been held to:

Celebrate a bachelor´s exit from singlehood.

Shamte however declined to give finer details on who that is.

But Diamond’s father, Mzee Abdhul openly shared his side of the story with the Tanzanian outlet, airing:

Yes, I have heard about the wealthy Omani woman and my son. However, I am yet to get the full details about their alleged relationship.

The girl, an Oman, from the Middle East, hails from a filthy rich family. Apparently, the Omani girl had expressed rich interest not just in Chibu’s music, but in him as a person as well.

This was back in April 2019 when Platnumz had toured Oman and the Arab lass spoke out about her undying love for him.

Tanasha has expressed her pain in a public rant online, urging women to keep off from narcissists, because:

It is like dancing with the devil. Forgive them, walk away and let God deal with their karma. I will never sell my soul, and I can back that.

Tanasha is back home with her 5-month old baby boy, whom she sired with Diamond.