Bebe Cool: Cindy, King Saha Don’t Deserve To Lead UMA | VIDEO

April 6, 2022
Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Gagamel Phamily Entertainment CEO, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has trashed Cindy and King Saha saying the pair don’t deserve to lead Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

UMA is readying to elect new leaders after a two-year term for the incumbents expired during Covid-19 lockdown. Cindy was the elevated to the presidency seat after Ykee Benda resigned, in February 2021.


According to Bebe Cool, Cindy lack qualities to head and unite musicians because she is emotional. If you have different views, she will not work with you.

To King Saha, Bebe said “A person who goes on live television and says i smoke weed” what image is he bringing to the association?. It should be noted that Bebe Cool and King Saha don’t see face to face.

King Saha

He advised members to pick nomination forms so that UMA can get competent leaders.

On why he is not willing to stand?, Bebe Cool insisted his brains should be on committees that govern the art industry not on just a mere musicians association.

Recently, Cindy accused Big Eye who was acting as treasurer of pocketing 5m from the UMA treasury. However, Big Eye denied the allegations.

Last week, King Michael who was representing Dance Hall artistes on the UMA board, tendered in his resignation.

As we speak, King Saha and Cindy have expressed their interest to stand as presidents while Kalifah Aganaga wants the vice presidency seat.

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