Bajjo Curses, Trashes, Abuses Balaam In Rant, Brands Him Satan | VIDEO

October 23, 2020

Its seems all is not going well between NRM mobilisers and events promoter, Balaam Barugahara!

On Tuesday, Ashburg Katto went public and revealed that mafias at Okello House stole his cows president Museveni gifted him while crossing from People Power to NRM.

Presidential adviser, Catherine Kusasira during an interview with NBS ‘UnCut’ branded Balaam bad hearted, jealous and declared that she hates him to the extend that she can’t even greet him.

[irp posts=”13746″ name=”I Hate Balaam, I Can’t Even Greet Him – Catherine Kusasira Brands NRM MobIliser Bad Hearted, Jealous | VIDEO”]

Now, events promoter, Mukasa Andrew aka Bajjo has attacked Balaam and labelling him satan in a video rant.

Bajjo says that if he dies first, Balaam should never step near his body and if Balaam dies before him, he will never burry him.

Bajjo accuses Balaam of pretending to be friendly but backstabs him him his absence.

Bajjo who recently ditched from People Power and started attacking Bobi Wine, claims Balaam is the reason as to why promoters have failed to get their money from the government.

He says Balaam is worse than Covid-19, AIDS and Ebola combined.

Watch Video below: