You Can’t Chew Me – Bad Black Stings Ykee Benda Over ‘Small ‘Ka Thing’

Bad Black

Certified kandahar vendor and ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has aimed a dig at Ykee Benda after the Mpaka Records CEO posted a photo clad in shorts on social media.

Fresh from the swimming pool at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Ykee posted a photo showing off his disorganised body in shorts.

To the man-eater, Bad Black, her eyes were below the belly and she got disappointed with what she saw; ‘small wire’.

Ykee Benda

Bad Black took to her socials and told Ykee that even if they were just the two of them left in this world, she wouldn’t bonk him because he has small ‘wire’.

“Ykee Benda, Nebwetusigala munsi. Akasolo sikuwa olinga embwa” (Ykee Benda, even if we are left in the world alone, I would never give you my sumbie, you are like a dog), Black said.

It’s not the first time Bad Black has attacked men with small ‘Wires’.

Recently she claimed that Bebe Cool has a small ‘Wire’ while praising Rabadaba’s monstrous ‘wire’.