Justine Nameere reveals how husband copes up with cyber bullying

February 8, 2024
Justine Nameere

Justine Nameere

Former media personality Justine Nameere has revealed how her husband Kennedy Nsubuga copes up with cyber bullying.

She said the husband doesn’t care, he only feels bad that his wife Justine Nameere is attacked by people who don’t know her well.

Kennedy and Justine Nameere got married last month after few months of dating. By the time they got married she was already pregnant expecting their first born.

What threw fans off was when they posted photos of their introduction ceremony. Kennedy looked so much younger than Justine Nameere.

People started attacking her on social media questioning her intentions of marrying a young boy yet there are old women that want marriage.

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Justine Nameere was very angry at people calling her out saying they don’t know her well that is reason they are bringing issues that don’t exist.

In today’s interview, Justine Nameere said the bullies

“My husband is not affected by Uganda’s cyber sentiments directed at him; he just gets upset by the fact that Ugandans disrespect me. The most important thing is that he is a mature, intelligent, comforting, loving, and supportive partner”