Agnes Nandutu Officially Quits NTV

September 28, 2020

Agnes Nandutu tendered in her resignation at NTV to pursue political career.

Nandutu who has been at NTV for over 10 years and has been hosting ‘People’s Parliament, and a commentary of ‘NTV Point Blank’ wants Bududa Woman MP seat.

Nandutu participated in the NRM primaries but lost to Justin Khainza who gathered 34012 votes to Nandutu’s 26234.

She has no vowed to bounce back as an independent candidate saying she was outrightly rigged out of the primaries.

Agnes Nandutu

While speaking on NTV’s Fourth Estate, Nandutu revealed that she was made her contribution to the media industry and the time has come for her to try out a new path.

“After 20 years, I don’t regret leaving the newsroom. I believe I have done my best and it’s high to let the young stars shine. I believe the can do the job right”, Nandutu revealed.