Zuena Praises Superman Bebe Cool As They Celebrate 18th Anniversary

January 26, 2020

Zuena Kirema has branded hubby, Moses Sali a.k.a Bebe Cool ‘superman’ as the pair celebrate 18 years in marriage.

Zuena and Bebe who celebrate their anniversary every January 25th, forgot about it as they were busy with work.

Bebe Cool and Zuena sharing light moment

Today morning, Zuena remembered and took to Facebook to wish her hubby a happy 18th anniversary.

“Wabula okola Kuno,how could our anniversary go by without both of us noticing?
It’s 18yrs already, 18 solid wonderful years that i can never regret. I met the best husband in the entire world trust me.
Love you my super man. 18 down, forever to go…”, Zuena posted on Facebook.