Tanzanian Goddess, Ray C To Quit Music, Relocates To Europe

January 26, 2020

Singer Ray C may be planning to end her career in music judging from her latest post on social media.

Well, looking at how her comeback has been since the last time she had dropped a hit song; we can tell that things did not work out so good for her.

It appears that people have since our grown the kind of music she does and if not for her boneless waist; she wouldn’t still be relevant. Through her gram the lady wrote;

“Sauti ya kushoto inaniambia achana na muziki! Sauti ya kulia inaniambia ingia studio! Studio kibao Paris sema hata sina time!sijui…… Ipi niiskilize!?!

Judging from her post IG seems that Ray C is permanently living in France with her lover who she continues to hide.

Ray C

Just a while back she announced about her miscarriage that left her in a bad position mentally.  She is however getting better now and has not given up on her dreams of becoming a parent – but truthfully, time is not on her side.

Away from that, Ray C has definitely made great changes in her life after quitting and overcoming her drug addiction.

Ray C with Ja Rule