Zari Opens Up On Why Her Third Marriage With King Bae Failed

November 18, 2020
Zari with King bae

Zari with King bae

When Zari separated with Diamond Platnumz in 2018 and moved back to South Africa, she stated dating South African Actor and TV personality, Cedric Anthony Fourie aka King Bae.

At first she used to share pictures with his face blurred but later showed his face and confirmed the relationship by publicly kissing hime while at a club in Zimbabwe.

As the relationship went on, Zari was accused of snatching King Bae from his gay partner, Lasizwe.

It is said that Zari first befriended Cedric and his gay partner Lasizwe and sometimes they would hangout together.

Zari with Lasizwe (M) and a friend

Zari and King Bae wed in a low key event on July 18, 2019. Zari confirmed the nuptials in an interview with Millard Ayo saying they took place at the home affairs office in South Africa.

But the marriage did not last.

In the interview, Zari described the feeling of tying the knot as scary but beautiful. She went on to praise the man only known as King Bae for being a caring, loving partner who has accepted her five children as his and that he is close with her boys.

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Cedric and his alleged gay partner Lasizwe

She also revealed that King Bae had bought the mother of five a house in Pretoria which they moved into in September after the transfer of documentation is concluded.

In a recent media interview in Tanzania, Zari was asked if she is still together with King Bae and if indeed he was real.

Adding, It did not last, and everyone went their own way. We still talk once in a while, briefly, ‘How are you? How are the kids? because he was still attached to our lives”

Asked what happened, what caused the split? Zari explained,

“Here are the things that happened that i could see that am not–i don’t know. With love, stuff happens or let me say shit happens”.