Zari Blasts Homeless Slay Queens Who Live Fake Lives, Challenges Them To Post Pics Like Before Quarantine

April 22, 2020


Ugandan babe Zari Hassan has always been criticised by her haters for flaunting a fake life and pretending to be wealthy. This time, the mother of five had the last laugh and reminded her opponents that she is comfortably chilling in her multi-million mansion.

The single mother argued slay queens suddenly disappeared into thin air when hotels were closed down after COVID-19 outbreak. In a taunting Instagram message, the model and entrepreneur said she missed seeing some socialites on social media like she was used to in the past.

Zari wondered whether the ladies were banned from taking photos while at their places because they had suddenly gone silent without notice. The Ugandan beauty reminded them how they always claimed she was living a fake life and had no money to match her big talk.

“Some hotels should not have been closed because we miss some slay queens. I wonder whether they are not allowed to take photos at their homes. Each time they used to say I live a fake life but see your life. God bless you too, I am already blessed,” Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama said.

The mother of five struggled with criticism back when she was dating the singer and even after the two parted ways. Whenever she uploaded a photo of her car collection or homes in South Africa and Uganda, the likes of Mange Kimambi would always bark and bite.

The tycoon’s haters always claimed she hired high end cars to flaunt on social media and did not own as many machines as she always purported. Zari always defended herself and said her mysterious husband King Bae owned the cars and even bought her a palatial house in the leafy suburbs.