Top TV Presenter, Joan Lule Swallows Pride, Apologises For Humiliating Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande- WATCH VIDEO

April 22, 2020

On Monday, the viewers were left in shock and angry after Top TV ‘The Cocktail’ presenter, Joan Lule a.k.a Iron Lady showed lack of professionalism and unethically attacked Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande for failure to win the prestigious Miss World crown.

It all started when Lule threw direct shade at Nakakande’s face asking her how it felt like being a loser on a big stage.

“By the way you lost, how did that make you feel?” Lule kicked off her interview with that particular question, something that Miss Uganda admitted offended her.

Her co-presenter, Ms Male intervened to cool down the situation which prompted Lule to start yelling at her and the program became messy. Disgusted Ugandans immediately took to social media and demanded that the show presenter be fired over unprofessional conduct.

Due to overwhelming complaints from viewers over her conduct, Top TV management ordered her to apologise before starting her next program which she did today.

” I’am hereby to apologise..oh erm sorry, I’m here by apologise to my viewers and to my guest because it was so unbecoming…… so I am Sorry”, shamed Lule Nakintu Joan said.

Watch Video of Lule apologising: