Zahara Totto Faces Sack At NBS TV After Turning Up For Work Drunk | VIDEO

December 16, 2021
Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto

NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossip queen, Zahara Totto is in trouble and could be suspended after turning up for work last night totally drunk.

The outspoken gossip presenter was staggering on the set and uttering words became a problem as she was tongue tied due to booze.

Her co-presenter, Kawalya Isaac aka Kayz tried to save the day but it was hard to control a drunk Zahara.

Zahara Totto

Not knowing she was live on the program, she started mentioning guys that have ever eaten her and claimed that Kayz also wants to munch her.

Watch video:

This was not a surprise to many who knows Zahara Totto’s life style. Bars are her second home and she always party 247/365.

When she is drunk, booze controls her and at one time she abused Don Solo’s mum and thumped him as the guy tried to ask her why she was acting unruly.

Pushing ‘Uncut’ show from 7pm to 10pm created redundancy and this can attempt a drunk person to start drinking.

Most media personalities are drunkos due to the fact they always get free drinking coupons from hangout spots.

The legendary Alex Ndawula of Capital FM always turned up for work drunk.

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