Don Solo Publicly Dumps Zahara Totto, Tells Her To Stop Abusing His New Hot Bae | SEE PICS

August 10, 2020

South Sudanese national, Tony Taban Suleman aka Don Solo has told NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossip queen, Zahara Totto to backoff his new bae, Queen Ann Love (Snapchart names).

Towards the end of last year, Zahara Totto got misunderstandings with Don Solo after he gifted her a stolen BMW as her birthday present.

The security operatives, money enders and creditors had started closing in on him. In the process, Totto landed another loaded guy, Reuben Robert, the proprietor of Beton.

In February this year Totto and Reuben went on romantic holiday in Mombasa.

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Unfortunately, Totto was dumped a month later after Reben chewed her into pieces.

In retaliation, Don Solo also paraded another babe who has since bleached to match Totto’s skin colour.

Queen Ann Love

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After her failed relationship with Reben, Totto embarked on winning Don Solo back but the fraudster had moved on with a hot and sweet, Queen Ann Love.

Totto started hurling insults at Queen Ann but Don Solo told her not to waste time by taking it to Snapchart.

“Lol you can post anything you want about my gal the truth is i cannot be with you anymore i have my own reasons to why i left you Zahara–you don’t have no respect for anybody. Post all the lies you want about someone you don’t even know”, Don Solo posted on Snapchart.

“Am not going to lower myself  and shame you on social media same way you like to talk nonsense about people. Am asking you to respect me and my decision please” He added.

Check screenshots below: