Zahara Totto Dumps Broke Don Solo As Money Lenders Circle

January 14, 2020

Don Solo with Zahara Totto

NBS TV ‘UnCut’ co-presenter, Zahara Totto has dumped her new bae, Tony Taban Suleman a.k.a Don Solo.

Don Solo is alleged to be in financial difficulties and could be arrested anytime soon.

The car he gifted to Zahara Totto on her birthday last year is said to have been impounded by URA. The car was stolen from DRC.

The car Don Solo gifted to Zahara Totto on her birthday

Don Solo has several debts from money lenders worth millions and could pounce on him anytime soon.

NBS TV presenter Agatha Loswash’s baby daddy, Sam Akampumuza demands him Shs15 million.

He is also chocking on unpaid bills accumulated from his showoff in hangout spots around town.

Illusion night club demands Shs9 million, Guvnor Shs7 million, LaParoni bar 3m and Ggaba road based Nomad bar 2.4m.

Seruweza Apartments in Kyanja where he resides demand $2500 in rent arrears.

The South Sudanese has been on Australia’s wanted list since 2015.

He allegedly used stolen cheques to make deposits at banks in Sunshine, Burwood East and Melbourne CBD.

He has several cases to answer, In 2019, Sky Hotel in Naguru dragged Don Solo to police over an unpaid bill.

He is reported to have fled the hotel in the company of his then girlfriend Zahara Totto before clearing their bill amounting to over $1000.

He offered the hotel an expired driving licence and a fake business card as security before disappearing.

And when hotel management reminded him of his bill, he instead went on the defensive threatening the hotel general manager.

A case under SD Ref: 39/28/10/2019 was opened at Kiira Road.