Teddy Bugingo Finally Confirms Where she Will be Preaching From, Continues To Call Herself Bugingo’s Name

January 14, 2020

Teddy Naluswa Bugingo officially opened ‘Word of Salvation Ministries’ yesterday.

Teddy who was betrayed and dumped by Pastor Bugingo last year after 21 years marriage has been battling divorce case which was filed by the husband.

Bugingo decided to move on and proposed to his Salt Tv employee, Susan Makula.

Pastor Bugingo preaching besides Teddy during their good times at House of Prayer Ministries

Teddy seems to be moving on and has decided to forget about ex-husband’s House Of Prayer’s Ministries and started her own church which was launched earlier this month at Hotel Triangle.

‘Word of Salvation Ministries’ will be conducting prayers from Bat Valley Theatre.

Reason, Teddy says House Of Prayer’s Ministries which turned out big and secured a place in Makerere Kikoni started from there.