You Wanted Me To Drop My Music Career And Be A House Wife – Tanasha Savagely Trashes Diamond’s Women Empowerment Bid After Signing Zuchu

April 21, 2020

Diamond’s WCB record label signed in a new female artiste, Zuchu a week ago in what he labelled  ‘women empowerment’ but that didn’t sit well with Tanasha.

The single mother had called out Diamond for being a ‘narcissist’ – rude, insensitive, cruel, controlling and one who uses intimidation to disregard other people’s feelings.

The 24-year old went ahead to warn women against such kind of men because that would be ‘like dancing with the devil’.

Well, as the WCB Boss signed in the new female vocal, he showered Zuchu with praise for raising Wasafi’s bar in the industry higher.

Acclaiming her as the first female artist under his label to garner 100k YouTube subscribers, in barely 7 days.

Thank you for Helping @officialzuchu to set the Record of being the first New African artist to reach 100K Youtube Channel Subscribers within 7 Days…this is more than Love

Naseeb went ahead to describe Zuchu as a living testimony that ‘if empowered, women can achieve’.

and it improves that Women they can if they are Empowered. On behalf of her i would like to thank you all for the Love and Major Support….

Unfortunately, Tanasha had her eyes wide open and ears on the ground and she was not going to sit back and watch her ‘narcissist’ of a baby daddy, preach water and drink wine.

Tanasha Donna

The mother of one previously disclosed that Diamond wanted her to drop her music career and focus on being a housewife but she outrightly declined.

The irony here is how Chibu is now ’empowering’ women, yet the very women in his life, have come out teary and broken.

Tanasha with Diamond

Taking to social media, the Kenyan singer blasted:

It makes me cringe to see wastemen preach “women empowerment”

Cautioning Diamond to tread carefully before he trips and his world comes down crumbling.

FAKE always gets exposed eventually. Like fake bags, fake jewellery, it will last a couple of days. Maybe weeks or months, but eventually everyone can see its FAKE.

According to the commercial model, it made absolutely no sense that Diamond was busy ’empowering’ his new female signee, yet, he is the ‘devil’.

The Kenyan beauty believes the bongo superstar is just living double standards, that will one day blow up on his face.