Canadian Rapper, Drake Recognises Masaka Kids For Spicing Up His Song, Toosie slide With Sleek Dance Moves

April 21, 2020

Masaka Kids Africana, a group of talented orphaned dancers from Uganda, is smiling all the way after US rapper Drake noticed their flawless Toosie Slide routine.

The song that has been ringing in everyone’s mind since its release had people participating in a Toosie challenge that had them doing the left foot up, right foot slide routine like pros.


Drake who was reposting some of the thousands of videos on his Instagram came across an iconic viral clip by the Masaka kids and could not help but show it to the rest of the world.

He reposted the clip to his Instastory and the young dancers were over the moon when they noticed.


Their hearts were palpitating so fast and the talented children knew for sure they were headed for greater and bigger things thanks to their skills. Their loyal fans celebrated their big step to freedom and reminded the talented children they were worth every recognition they got.

Unlike most videos posted on Instagram, Masaka dancers took a different turn when reliving Drake’s new dance.


They added some African spice to the choreography and came up with a new, hip, unique and electric dance.

Masaka Kids with YouTube Accolade for notching 100k subscribers

The group of orphans spiced it up by attaching a couple of traditional moves that set them apart from most of their contenders. Anyone who watches the video and fails to smile or light up is definitely not fun and has no taste in art. Sorry, not sorry.

The musician used the song to show off his massive mansion in Canada and everyone marveled at how everything looked sparkly and expensive.