You Wake Up In The Night And Cry Like A Cat – Blogger, Ritah Kaggwa Hits Back At Abusive Bad Black, Spills All Her Dirt – WATCH VIDEO

May 21, 2020

UK-based Ugandan blogger Ritah Kagwwa has hit back at ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black by spilling her dirty secrets.

At the beginning of this month, Bad Back came out and recorded a video attacking Ritah Kaggwa and told her she is too old to do blogging business and asked her to quit.

Abusive Bad Black accused Ritah Kaggwa of being too ugly and unlucky claiming all men that have ever slept with her end up dumping her because of bad luck.




Bad Black said Ritah kaggwa stinks ‘down stairs’ and the Nigerian man married her because he wants citizenship.

She went too far by claiming Ritah Kaggwa sleeps in the same bed with her hubby and mother in-law.

In response to Bad Black abuses and accusations, Rita Kaggwa has also responded by recording the video.

According to Ritah Kaggwa, Bad Black admires her life and claims she is too old than her.




Kaggwa claims Bad Black has five kids and that her first two are mentally unstable. She asked Bad Black to stop lying to be 30 years arguing that her first born is over 16 years old.

Kaggwa says Bad Black’s toyboy, Sky West ran away from her because she is possessed. She claims Bad Black used to wake up in the night and start crying like a cat.

She also claims that 65-year old ex-British lover, David Greenhalgh took bad Black for tests and found she was HIV positive.

Watch Ritah Kaggwa spill more dirt about Bad Black: