Ykee Benda Expands Mpaka Records, Ventures Into Film Production

May 21, 2020

Singer, Tugume Wycliffe aka Ykee Benda has expanded his record label, Mpaka Records by venturing into video production.

Ykee Benda who started Mpaka records with an audio recording studio, started signing artistes and have also opened another business wing ‘Mpaka Films’.

While appearing on an online interview with MC Kats during NBS TV After 5, Ykee said Mpaka Films has already started shooting and revealed that Dre Cali’s new music video featuring Lydia Jazmine Onanagiza, was shot by ‘Mpaka Films’.




He says ‘Mpaka Films’ has already shot commercials adverts for Movit and also working on Centenary bank adverts.

“Actually my video production company started and it is called Mpaka Films. If your wife (Fille) is ready to shoot any music video you can give me business because we are open for now. The first video that was shot from Mpaka Films is Dre Cali and Lydia Jazmine’s song titled ‘Onanagiza’. The other thing, I am now doing video adverts for different companies that you watch on TV running like Movit and more two are dropping soon. This is why people shouldn’t underlook someone starting up his own studio because it is business and that is why Dre Cali is not straining to shoot videos though at the moment as an artist he is not bringing in the money but hopeful that in the near future he will. I’m glad that I am currently am feeding off that because it helps a lot”.