You Bribed Your Way Onto NTV, Had No Value – Former NTV Login Presenter, Robin Kisti Spills Sheilah Gashumba’s Secrets And Brands Her A Dirty Player

May 3, 2020

Former NTV Login presenter, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti has attacked Sheilah Gashumba, branding her a dirty player.

Since Sheilah Gashumba took to her Twitter handle and blasted NTV for paying workers peanuts, Robin Kisiti who was sacked from the Serena-based station in 2014, came out and defended the station.

Kisti who lives in the United States with her fiancee, Babanginda Ibrahim and their two kids says that Sheilah first came to NTV and started working with Kleith Kyatuhaire on ‘T Nation’ and after the pair outgrew the program and had to give way for fresh blood. She claims Sheilah was fighting Kleith and wanted her sacked.

Kleith Kyatuhaire

Kisti claims that after leaving T nation, Sheilah wanted another job on NTV but Aggie Konde first chased her because she had no content and had nothing new to offer. She claims Sheilah bribed her way onto NTV ‘The Beat’.

“After ‘T Nation’ there was no show for sheilah to do and the station was struggling to fit her some somewhere and of course like they always do, they bribed their way onto the Beat which already had a host”, Kisti claims.

Kisti says that after getting onto ‘The Beat’, Sheilah and her dad targeted her program ‘NTV Login’. She says Frank Gashumba used to make Sheilah record her shows so she can learn how to present like her because she was the biggest competition. She accuses Gashumba and Patricia Swewungu of trying to get her fired from NTV.

Watch Kisti claiming Sheilah and her dad tried getting her fired by NTV:


Sheilah and her dad Frank Gashumba

“They even befriended me and we hangout during them days so they can find my weakness to use against me. They are dirty players”, Kisti added.

Kisti says Sheilah took long to know she had no value at NTV arguing that she was paid 50k because she was forced onto TV by her dad.

Kisti stung Sheilah saying “NTV gained nothing from Sheila part from headache, She was always late for shoots, demanding too much and had no real experience”.

Sheilah Gashumba

“Living a life you don’t have is bad because eventually you look silly when the truth comes out. I have too much bwino so katana ole sense za God’s Plan in peace fe ba relevant presenters tukole”, Kisiti said.

She reminded Sheilah of the benefits she missed out after quitting NTV. “Even the wigs you used to sell before dating God’s Plan, you were getting platform from NTV, and when you left, that’s why the business declined”

Read screenshots from Robin Kisti below: