Salaries Of NBS TV After 5 ‘The Fantastic 4’ Presenters, Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, DJ Mercy And Roja Revealed

May 3, 2020

Sheilah Gashumba broke the internet after she took to her Twitter handle and blasted NTV for paying employees peanuts!

According to Gashumba, she used to earn more money when she was working on WBS TV Teens Show eight years ago than on NTV.

She revealed that she used to earn 50k per show while on WBS TV. And on NTV ‘The Beat’ they used to pay her 50k per show, 5 days a week, earning 1m a month.

And on NTV Stye project, they used to pay her 100k per show, taking home 400k a month yet her make up artiste would charge her 80k per show.

Sheilah insisted that she would rather sell samosas than being on TV arguing that the salary only managed to cater for her designing, make up and transport fares.

She asked why they think Dougas Lwanga left NTV and joined the ‘upcoming’ NBS TV?

In 2016, high profile entertainment presenter, Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats who used to present ‘Xpozed’ show on NTV, shocked Ugandans when he left and joined Kamwokya-based NBS Television.

He started a show ‘NBS After 5’ with disc jockeys, Dj Roja and DVJ Mercy as co-hosts.

It is rumoured that MC Kats used to earn 500k on NTV.

In February 2018, Douglas Lwanga quit NTV ‘The Beat’ show and followed MC Kats to NBS TV.

Since Sheila’s revelation, many have been wondering how much The Fantastic Four of the popular NBS TV After 5 show earn.

It is rumoured that DJs Roja and Mercy earn a combined Shs3 million, with each taking home Shs1.5 million.

Douglas Lwanga earns Shs1.8 million a month while MC Kats who signed from NTV four years ago at Shs2 million now earns Shs2.2 million.